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Comprehensive analysis of transformer and lubricating oils

Oil analysis

Oilwatch Group of Laboratories believes Companies should be treating lubricants and insulating oils as an asset rather than an expense. The effectiveness of lubricants and transformer oils have a profound impact on equipment life and energy usage. The health, wellbeing and cleanliness of the lubricant should be nurtured to extract the maximum value from this important asset.

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Lubricating oil analysis

Oil analysis allows you to easily determine the condition of your equipment by looking at what’s in the oil. We provide comprehensive analysis of transformer and lubricating oils, fuels, coolants, and industrial products.

We operate across Southern Africa with laboratories in Gauteng, Windhoek, Durban and Cape Town.

Our laboratories are ISO17025 accredited and 9001 certified.

Transformers management

Transformer asset managers are generally trying to achieve the required levels of safety and reliability from their fleet of transformers at minimum cost. Knowledge of condition is therefore essential for efficient transformer asset management decisions.

Without this information only the most basic activities are possible; such as time-based maintenance, replacement before end of life, or repair after failure.

Oil Analysis

Transformer Oil

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Oilwatch Oil Analysis data is analysed by experts to provide recommendations on remedial actions based on relevant standards and expert knowledge

Who is Oilwatch

Oilwatch is the South African Leader in Tribology, Fuel and Transformer laboratory Services. We are a state of the art analytical laboratory that provides an effective and efficient service to the oil and fuel industry.

Oilwatch is the oil analysis division of Scientific Services. We believe in a holistic approach to oil analysis. Unlike traditional tribology labs, our reports and feedback are concise, user friendly, and empower your staff in making more informed decisions. The basis of our philosophy is ‘no compromise’.

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