Oil Analysis

Tribology is the study of lubrication, friction and wear, including the science and technology of interacting surfaces in motion.

Using and maintaining the correct oil in your machine is vital in order to prolong the life of the machine. The oil acts as a lubricant between the various moving parts. It helps to control the temperature of the machine. And it prevents corrosion and wear within the machine.

What is perhaps not so well known is that oil is also an indicator of an machine / engine’s condition. Any wear, corrosion, additive depletion, unburnt diesel, dirt and water ingress to be found within a machine / engine appears in its oil.

Through the analysis of a machines oil we are able to pick up problems such as excessive wear and dirt entry, before these problems manifest themselves in a total shutdown of the system.

By reading the trend of certain wear metal, contaminant or additive, Oilwatch is able to allow you to employ preventative maintenance. Repairing or replacing the affected part before it causes total machine failure.

Oilwatch allows your maintenance staff to be proactive in their maintenance program. Oilwatch is able to monitor your machines and alert your staff to any abnormal conditions. We rely on technically advanced equipment and 34 years of laboratory experience.

Oilwatch believes in a holistic approach to oil analysis. Our reports and feedback are concise, user friendly, and empower your staff in making more informed decision

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